Has it been that long????

Gosh! I am embarrassed! (not really)

Seems my thoughts of having a blog went by the wayside, or maybe it was just my thoughts that went by the wayside. At any rate, I’m back and I’m going to try to post to this in the next few days/weeks. Would that be regularly???

In the mean time, here are some pics off my cell phone….not.

Made in America? Made in The USA?

So last night I went to Wally Word, Wal-Mart, or that big-box-store, where they (the old man) used to try to have their goods come from companies who made it in America. Now it seems things are way different. I saw all this college stuff on an end cap and thought, since I just saw two days of stories on ABC News with Diane Sawyer on colleges taking a kick-back (okay a  percentage of monies spent by college students and/or their parents) from a company who has this catalog stuffed with things every college dorm room needs. Seems the news agency couldn’t find one thing in the catalog that was made in the USA. Anyway, it sparked me to check to see where this stuff was made. I looked at every single items tag to see and this is how it ended up. All the stuff made in the USA is on one end cap and the other has stuff made in China as well as other “foreign” countries.


You want to take a guess which was which?
Let me know in your comments and I’ll let you know in a couple of days.

Gold Rules……

Oh, no I meant Golden Rules, and that is soooo much different. Not that I don’t like gold, I do! Yellow gold, White gold, Rose gold, 24Kt, 22Kt, 18Kt, 14kt…I like them all. Stud them with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds and you hit the jackpot!
So here are the real Golden Rules according to Ann Landers. Now you need to know how long I have had this piece of paper with these rules written on it. I’m going to guess around 23 years or so. They have been on several refrigerators and a couple of bulletin boards. I have given copies to others along the way so that they could reinforce what they were taught and are still trying to teach their kids (possibly spouses too!).So what do you think? Hard to live by? Piece of cake? Already do that? 

A little reminder posted where people look the most often can’t hurt. I have a few favorites like #4. This one is where the person “Idonno” comes into play.  Or how about #10? Does anyone know someone who goes by the rule that “anything you have is mine too, and I can use it anytime I want?” And then there is the feely-good one #14. I think more people would walk around with smiles on their faces if everyone tried to do this on a daily basis. Okay, I’ll try too. So lastly is #15. I have tried so hard to do this all my life. I continue to repeat this to others as well as myself. My mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice about somebody, don’t say anything at all.” Well said.